Driven Beyond Success

Book Summary

This is a story of a man whose remarkable life experiences and adventures in many ways exceeded even that of the fictional Forrest Gump, but unlike the make believe character of the 1986 novel written by Winston Groom and later made into the blockbuster movie in 1994, the life story of Edward Primoff is true.


Born in the midst of World War II and shortly thereafter with a father off to fight in the conflict, Primoff, with his mother and older sister were forced to live in project housing. His school days were a nightmare experience of being horribly ridiculed and humiliated by teachers for his inability to read and bullied by fellow students.


Although his parents were loving, his father advised him not to entertain any grandiose thoughts of gaining meaningful employment in the job market. He was underrated by his Air Force officers and his employers and scorned in two failed marriages.


With all odds stacked against him, Primoff used the ridicule, the predictions of eventual failure and all those who felt he would amount to someone who would live a life supported by government assistance, to become a man determined to prove them all wrong; a man driven beyond success.


His willingness to do what others were not; to work hard for very long hours coupled with an uncanny ability to read the future business climate led him to achieve goals beyond anyone’s expectations, including his own.


Primoff shares some of the adventures of his amazing life; how he became a huge success as a business owner, his double-life working with the FBI; several near-death experiences including a plot to murder him; his reflections on the politicians and celebrities he came in contact with in the George W. Bush White House, and the fight to clear his home county of corruption in high office. For nearly half his life he has lived on borrowed time after doctors said he would not live past the age of 40.


Driven Beyond Success is the story of a man who overcame unbelievable challenges while never losing his faith in God or the country he cherishes. This is a remarkable true life journey with stories that will bring tears of joy and sadness; at times will make you laugh and thrill. No box of chocolates is required.


David Greenwalt, Publisher/Editor, Northern News